Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées

Currently in Toulouse in the Southwest of France, the IRT is located in temporary premises in Rangueil within the Toulouse University Campus. However, its permanent purpose-built home will be on the historic Toulouse Montaudran Aerospace site, closely linked to aviation visionary and innovator Antoine de Saint Exupéry himself. The 10,000m2 facility, which is right at the end of the former Aeropostale’s runway, is set to be completed in 2017. It is being constructed as part of a 21-million euro project, co-financed by Toulouse Métropole, the Conseil général de la Haute-Garonne and the Midi-Pyrenées region. When it opens, it will be home to as many as 35,000 students, teachers and researchers, continuing the glorious history of the site.

Bordeaux, Aquitaine

The IRT in Bordeaux is located in temporary building at the heart of the dynamic Bordeaux-Talence Arts et Metiers ParisTech (ENSAM) campus, where it can benefit from the the very latest in dedicated aerospace facilities close by. The 3,000m2 building, which is set to open in 2016, is being constructed at a cost of 10 million euros, with support from Safran, Europe’s FEDER, the engineering school and ENSAM itself, along with the Bordeaux and Aquitaine regional authorities.