IRT Saint Exupéry organized its 4th PhD’s Day

The 4th PhDs’ day of the IRT Saint Exupéry took place on 9th July at the IAS campus in Toulouse. It attracted around 150 participants. About a quarter of those taking part were academic or industrial IRT members. This edition [...]

GIFAS Thermoplastic Plenary Meeting @ IRT Saint Exupéry

Participants at the GIFAS Thermoplastic Plenary Meeting in front of the bulding B612. The last GIFAS “Thermoplastics” annual general meeting was held this year at the IRT Saint Exupéry on June 6, 2019. Once again this major event for the [...]

[PRESSE SIAE2019] Additive manufacturing MAMA Project: the future of aeronautics is at stake in Pamiers

Présent au salon international du Bourget, Aubert et Duval a annoncé mercredi le lancement opérationnel du projet Mama. Un projet de métallurgie du futur, dont le centre est à Pamiers.

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14th Aerospace Valley Members Forum @ Arcachon

On May 21 & 22, 2019, IRT Saint Exupéry participated to the 14th Aerospace Valley Members Forum at Arcachon. This forum is the annual meeting of Aerospace Valley Members, including start-up, SMEs and industrials. CAP VERS L’EUROPE This year, the [...]

[Press] Why aeronautics bets on process hybridization in additive manufacturing, a focus on Mama Project

Alors que la fabrication additive monte progressivement en puissance dans l’aéronautique, de nouvelles synergies se profilent entre les procédés classiques… – L’Usine Aéro

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Article de Marina Angel suite à la journée technologique « fabrication additive : multi-matériaux et hybridation des procédés » organisée par l’IRT Saint-Exupéry et l’agence régionale Add’Oc le 15 mai dernier

IRT PhD students visited aerospace companies in Bordeaux

IRT PhD students visiting Dassault Aviation company. © Dassault Aviation With the AIDA (Acculturation Industrielle pour Doctorants en Aerospace) program organized by the Scientific Department, IRT Saint Exupéry offers PhD students to visit 2 or 3 companies per year in [...]

IRT Saint Exupéry attended the “National Engineers Day”

Hans Hoffmann talking about his scientific studies. On 20th March, the IRT attended the "National Engineers Day" organized at Francazal area by the IESF association (Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France). This year, the chosen theme was "Engineers and scientists: artisans of the future" [...]

IRT Saint Exupéry at Aeromart 2018, the international Aerospace business convention

The official delegation, headed by Carole Delga, pleased us by visiting our booth and talked about our activities. December 5-6th 2018, IRT Saint Exupéry was present on AEROMART, the international business convention for the Aerospace industries that took place in [...]

IRT Saint Exupéry @ International Conference & Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites (ITHEC) 2018

On October 30th and 31st, IRT Saint Exupéry took part of the 4th edition of ITHEC, the International Conference & Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites in Bremen, Germany. Composites are now unmissable in most sectors thanks to their properties, but there’re still [...]

400 participants at 6th IRT Forum: over 400 technology transfers and reinforced collective action

Photos Lydie Lecarpentier Over 400 people got together on October 11 for the 6th edition of the IRT Forum, hosted this year by IRT Saint Exupéry. Thematic “villages” for IRTs and space, plus tours of IRT Saint Exupéry platforms To [...]