400 participants at 6th IRT Forum: over 400 technology transfers and reinforced collective action

Photos Lydie Lecarpentier Over 400 people got together on October 11 for the 6th edition of the IRT Forum, hosted this year by IRT Saint Exupéry. Thematic “villages” for IRTs and space, plus tours of IRT Saint Exupéry platforms To [...]

IRT Saint Exupéry at the Toulouse Space Show: free space laser communications, 5G and dependable AI

Jacques Decroix and Olivier Liandrat (IRT Saint Exupéry / Reuniwatt) are showing the cloud prediction InSight Equipment. Ariel Sirat, David Vigouroux and Jacques Decroix with visitors on the IRT Saint Exupéry booth Attended by more than 3000 worldwide participants including [...]

IRT Saint Exupéry at the 1st Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit

Gilbert Casamatta (IRT Saint Exupéry), Yann Barbaux (Aerospace Valley), Ariel Sirat (IRT Saint Exupéry) and Nadia Pellefigue (Occitania Region). Photo Comsci pour IRT Saint Exupéry. More than 480 professionals met during this 1st Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit (AAMS) on Nov. [...]

Success of the first European workshop on MDO for Industrial Applications in Aeronautics

This workshop, co-organized by DLR, IRT Saint Exupery and ONERA, held the 24-25 october 2017 in Braunschweig, Germany. It gathered 110 people coming from European industry (Airbus, Airbus DS, Airbus Helicopter, SAAB, Rolls Royce, Dassault Aviation), research institutes (DLR, ONERA, [...]

The IRT Saint Exupéry and the SATT Toulouse Tech Transfer sign a convention

La convention IRT Saint Exupéry – Toulouse Tech Transfer (TTT) concrétise une ambition partenariale partagée par les deux organismes créés par le PIA  (Plan Investissement d’Avenir). Étape structurante dans la collaboration entre l’IRT Saint Exupéry et TTT, la signature de cette convention ouvre de nouvelles perspectives pour les deux acteurs toulousains. 

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1st IEEE Summer School on Nanoelectronics organised by IRT Saint Exupéry

IRT Saint Exupéry and Laplace Laboratory (CNRS/ENSEEIHT-INP Toulouse/UT3 Paul Sabatier) organised the 2017 IEEE Summer School on “Nanotelectronics technologies and devices - From basic principle to highly reliable applications” in July 10-14 at LAAS-CNRS (Toulouse), to promote interdisciplinary understanding of [...]

Poster Award for Samuel Leleu, PhD student IRT Saint Exupéry/Cirimat, on corrosion resistance

Delivery of the prize for Samuel Leleu by Hubert Perrot (LISE UPMC/CNRS, Paris), President of the Electrochemistry group at the Chemical Society of France (Photo JE2017) Samuel Leleu, PhD student in the IRT Saint-Exupéry and in the CIRIMAT laboratory (CNRS/INPT/Université [...]

IRT Saint Exupéry organised its 2nd PhD’s Day with 40 presentations

The IRT Saint Exupéry’s second PhDs’ day took place on July 7th on the Paul Sabatier University campus in Toulouse. It attracted around 150 participants. About a quarter of those taking part were academic or industrial IRT members. IRT Saint [...]

1st IRT Saint Exupéry PhD thesis defense on partial electric discharges

 On 3 April 2017, Cédric Abadie became IRT Saint Exupéry’s first PhD student to defend his PhD dissertation. Awarded by University of Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, his work was supervised by both Laplace Laboratory[1] (CNRS/INP-ENSEEIHT/UT3 Paul Sabatier) and IRT [...]

The foundation of RTRA STAE hosted soon by the IRT Saint Exupéry

The RTRA[1] STAE (science and technology for aeronautics and space) is a network of 40 laboratories based in the Occitanie region, with 233 researchers and engineers recruited for projects including 152 post-doctorate research projects since its creation in 2007. Its [...]