More Electrical Aircraft

With, electrical systems increasingly being chosen for their high performance and low environmental impact by aviation, space and the automotive industries, the more electrical aircraft is looking to devise lighter, cheaper and more reliable equipment.

Market, Needs & Challenges

The aeronautical, space, automotive or train manufacturing industries are increasingly using the latest electrical technologies for embedded systems which give them higher performance and have less environmental impact. For the future, this means designing more competitive and efficient solutions than the existing mainly hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

The more electrical aircraft domain will therefore work to reduce the weight, size and costs of the electrical systems equipment along with considering how to better control and mitigate the risks so as to guarantee their robustness and reliability.

Competence Center

Field of expertise

  • EMC – thermal – radiations – electromagnetic – electro technical – electrochemical – the physics of arcs and partial discharges.
  • Materials – semiconductors – 3D integration- mechatronics – converters topology – Mechanical.
  • Characterization – modelling – failure mechanisms – reliability.

Projects in progress

Seven research projects are currently underway, looking at key ways to improve the robustness, reliability, size and cost of electrical systems.

Integration: Optimizing the electro-mechanical chain, from converter to cable and motor.

Reliability: Considering the reliability of the electrical devices under electrical arcs and partial discharge

Electronic robustness: A study into Off The Shelf Components (COTS) technologies’ reliability under operating environment conditions for the transport industry.

Double & BumpDouble-side cooling 3D mignaturizedpower module with reduced self-inductance.

Fuchya: The characterization and modelling of mature aeronautical fuel cells for use on the ground and in the automotive industry. Evaluating new electro-mechanical couples.

Celia: Characterizing and modelling aeronautical fuel cells for use on the ground and in the automotive industry.

Socool: Looking at cooling solutions for any environment.