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Saber Chelaghma, IRT PhD student, got the first place of the SAMPE France PhDs contest

2017 national winners : Chelaghma Saber (IRT Saint Exupéry Toulouse) & Lorriaux Amandine (LCTS Pessac)  Saber Chelaghma, second year PhD student at the IRT Saint Exupéry, got the first place of the SAMPE France PhDs contest which took place at Ecole Nationale Supérieur des [...]

2nd ISAE-SUPAERO/IRT Saint Exupéry Hackathon on Big Data for space

ISAE-SUPAERO & IRT Saint Exupéry organised a 2nd Hackathon on Artificial Intelligence in the field of Big Data for spatial remote sensing observation Artificial Intelligence (AI) studies aim to create computers having an intelligent behaviour. ISAE-SUPAERO and IRT Saint Exupéry [...]

1st IRT Saint Exupéry PhD thesis defense on partial electric discharges

 On 3 April 2017, Cédric Abadie became IRT Saint Exupéry’s first PhD student to defend his PhD dissertation. Awarded by University of Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, his work was supervised by both Laplace Laboratory[1] (CNRS/INP-ENSEEIHT/UT3 Paul Sabatier) and IRT [...]

Toulouse Aerospace: impressive B 612 building, future IRT Saint Exupéry location in 2018

En bordure du périphérique Sud, le B 612 abritera en 2018 les chercheurs de l’IRT Saint-Exupéry, la société du GPS européen, le pôle Aerospace Valley, des bureaux et des start-up. Un impressionnant bloc de béton gris surgit en bordur

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STIMPACT, a new shared platform for simulating and testing impacts on structural materials

Serge Maison-Le Poec (Airbus), Philippe Olivier (Institut Clément Ader), Ludovic Barrière (IRT Saint Exupéry), Jean-François Ferrero (Institut Clément Ader / UT3 Paul Sabatier), Yves Gourinat (Institut Clément Ader/ISAE-SUPAERO) et Ariel Sirat (IRT Saint Exupéry). Photo Paul Roquecave pour ISAE-SUPAERO. In [...]

[Interactive charts] The good figures of the French Institutes of Technology (FIT)

“Selon les derniers chiffres recueillis par l’association French Institues of Technology (FIT), au 31 décembre 2016, les huit IRT français ont déjà participé à 104 transferts de technologies, déposés 206 brevets ou logiciels et créé 61 plateformes technologiques…”

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New equipment at the IRT Saint Exupéry – an electric motor test bench

The characterisation platform for the more electrical aircraft domain at IRT Saint Exupéry has been expanded with the arrival of a new electric motor test bench to work in conjunction with hysteresisgraph purchased in 2015. It supports the ‘technology bricks’ [...]

The foundation of RTRA STAE hosted soon by the IRT Saint Exupéry

The RTRA[1] STAE (science and technology for aeronautics and space) is a network of 40 laboratories based in the Occitanie region, with 233 researchers and engineers recruited for projects including 152 post-doctorate research projects since its creation in 2007. Its [...]

Study on ALM stakes and impacts in the Occitania Region

On January 10th, Madeeli - the agency of the economic development, the export and the innovation of the Occitania region - presented the results of the “Additive Layer Manufacturing: stakes and impacts in the Occitania / Pyrénées-Mediterranées Region” study to [...]

IRT 2016 Annual Report is now available

Three years after its launch, IRT Saint Exupéry has received very positive feedback from its industrial and academic partners as well as from the French government, which definitely confirms that it has successfully taken off. 2016 was a very fruitful year [...]