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New equipment at the IRT Saint Exupéry – an electric motor test bench

The characterisation platform for the more electrical aircraft domain at IRT Saint Exupéry has been expanded with the arrival of a new electric motor test bench to work in conjunction with hysteresisgraph purchased in 2015. It supports the ‘technology bricks’ [...]

The foundation of RTRA STAE hosted soon by the IRT Saint Exupéry

The RTRA[1] STAE (science and technology for aeronautics and space) is a network of 40 laboratories based in the Occitanie region, with 233 researchers and engineers recruited for projects including 152 post-doctorate research projects since its creation in 2007. Its [...]

Study on ALM stakes and impacts in the Occitania Region

On January 10th, Madeeli - the agency of the economic development, the export and the innovation of the Occitania region - presented the results of the “Additive Layer Manufacturing: stakes and impacts in the Occitania / Pyrénées-Mediterranées Region” study to [...]

IRT 2016 Annual Report is now available

Three years after its launch, IRT Saint Exupéry has received very positive feedback from its industrial and academic partners as well as from the French government, which definitely confirms that it has successfully taken off. 2016 was a very fruitful year [...]

Happy New Year 2017

IRT Saint Exupéry, Jules Verne, M2P & SystemX work together on additive manufacturing

Since the association of IRTs was created: The French Institutes of Technology (FIT), scientific cooperation are going on between IRTs. First iconic project deals with Additive Manufacturing where a 64 million euros program is to be launched within the end [...]

ESARS ITEC 2016: D. Boroyevich (CPES, Virginia Tech) as keynote

The joint edition of the two conferences "International Conference on Electrical Systems for Aircraft, Railway, Ship Propulsion and Road Vehicles" (ESARS) and the "International Transportation Electrification Conference" (ITEC) was a real success. More than 160 researchers from industry and universities [...]

The Antoine de Saint Exupéry name provides the IRT with an important vision

IRT Saint Exupéry recently took part in celebrations for the 90th anniversary of the aviator’s arrival in Toulouse, where he was a pioneering pilot, flying with Latécoère and the Aéropostale airlines. Held on 14 October at the Cité de l’Espace, [...]

IRT Forum#4: IRTs make the difference

The fourth IRT forum saw over 350 industrial and academic partners of the eight IRTs meet close to organiser IRT SystemX’s own facility at EDF’s Paris-Saclay Lab on 18th of October. The occasion also marked the launch of the brand [...]

IRT award prizes to 3 young researchers – 11th edition of the international conference IEEE NMDC

Prof. Richard CLERGEREAUX, Program Co-Chair, member of IRT Prize committee, Dr. Guilhem Larrieu, Local Arrangement Committee, member of IRT Prize committee, Dr. Caroline Bonafos, General Chair IEEE NMDC, Dr. Alain CLAVERIE, IRT representative, Member of the Program Committee, Chair of IRT Prize [...]