Electrical Arc Characterization Platform

This IRT Saint Exupéry platform is devoted to study the damage caused by arcs generated under very wide, tailor-made conditions and to allow to test components or systems in conditions as close as possible to those of end-use.


High Speed Camera 

  • Up to 3600 frames / seconds @ 1024×1024
  • Recording of the plasma path
Programmable AC source 

  • 400Vac, from 0 to 800Hz, 62.5kVA-D0-254 and MIL-STD emulation waveform
Electrical Harness

  • Emulation of various power factors
  • Resistive loads up to 60kW
  • 27kW active load to reproduce no linear waveforms


  • Emulation of multiple network topologies
  • Recording of the geometrical behaviour of the plasma
  • Thermal effect, and their relation with electric waveforms