IRT Saint Exupéry, an integrating factor in the “Aeronautics, Space, Embedded Systems” ecosystem in Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées Regions

The Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrenees regions are famous worldwide for their exceptional concentration of industrial, research and education facilities, specializing in aviation, space and embedded systems. 30% of the French aeronautics industry and 50% of the country’s space industry workforces are found here, and region’s companies boast a 40% market share for telecommunications satellite systems. There are 130,000 industrial jobs locally with 20,000 people working in embedded systems.

It is also home to leading international research programs and higher education facilities. Research led by RTRA STAE, is being conducted by some 800 researchers in 25 laboratories, and the region is home to ENAC and ISAE – two of the top three aeronautics and aviation schools in France. There are seven higher education facilities for postdoctoral study and together, the Universities of Bordeaux and Toulouse have over 170,000 students.

Its locations mean that the IRT Antoine de Saint Exupéry is ideally placed to be powerful integrator of this innovation ecosystem. Its catchment area includes the Aerospace Valley global competitive cluster, where it has more than 800 members of wich more than 470 SMEs-SMIs.