A. de Saint Exupéry, the scientist

AdeSaintExupery_1933_ToulouseOf the many facets of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, the IRT is particularly connected to the scientist that he was, who filed multiple patents.

His engineering ability surfaced early, at the age of eight, when he drew the plans for a flying bicycle powered by an engine. While preparing for his Naval entrance exam he acquired more advanced mathematical knowledge. His lectures cover everything from philosophy to pure physics, economics, psychoanalysis or astronomy. He enjoyed discussions with his scientific contemporaries such as physicist Ferdinand Holweck. His insatiable and wide-ranging curiosity gave him a detailed understanding of the world.



Brevets_AdeSaintExuperyAs a pilot he was always looking to find solutions to the problems he experienced while in flight. His ability as a scientist meant he succeeded in solving some of the practical problems he faced. His first patent was for an invisible landing system. He demonstrated his skill as a scientist by the way he approached problems and the technical know-how he used in solving them.

Between 1934 and 1941 he filed 11 patents and four addendums to the INPI in France as well as a patent in the US. Some of his innovations are still in use today.