ISAE-Supaero & IRT Saint Exupéry Hackathon

© ISAE-SUPAERO ISAE-Supaero & IRT Saint Exupéry Hackathon on Artificial Intelligence in the field of Big Data for spatial remote sensing observation Artificial Intelligence (AI) studies aim to create computers having an intelligent behaviour. ISAE-Supaero and IRT OCE project teams [...]

An IRT Saint Exupéry team won the Virtual Engineering Award #ERTS2016

Emilie Rouland, Philippe Cuenot and Eric Jenn, research engineers at IRT Saint Exupéry, with Eric Faure and Nicolas Broueilh from ASTC Design Partners, received the ERTS2 conference award in the field of virtual engineering for their paper "An Experiment is [...]

IRT Saint Exupéry matures embedded technology for global traffic monitoring from space

IRT Saint Exupéry and its academic and industrial partners, are developing advanced technologies for next generation Earth Observation systems and services, some of them being applicable to ITS systems. On collective booth “Space to ITS” with Aerospace Valley cluster and [...]