Alexandra Pessot defended her thesis on the modeling of performances and ageing of low-temperature PEM fuel cells for aerospace applications

On 13th March 2020, Alexandra Pessot defended her thesis. Awarded by INP Toulouse, her work was realized both at Laplace and IRT Saint Exupéry, under the supervision of GEET doctoral school. The high quality and the relevance of Alexandra's thesis contributed to [...]

Parliamentary delegation visited IRT’s platforms @B612

From left to right : Cécile Rilhac, Stéphane Mahdi, Sandrine Mörch, Fannette Charvier, Geneviève Fioraso and Denis Descheemaeker On 9 March 2020, we received the visit of the parliamentary delegation as part of their "Committee on Cultural Affairs and Education" mission. [...]

IRT Saint Exupéry team won 2 paper awards @ERTS2020 congress!

The IRT Saint Exupéry has sponsored the 10th edition of the European Congress ERTS 2020 with a booth to present its activities in Intelligent Systems & Communications and Systems Engineering & Modeling. With 5 paper presentations  and 2 paper awards [...]

Pierre-Jean Barjhoux defended his thesis on large scale structural optimization with categorical and continuous mixed design variables

On 31st January 2020, Pierre-Jean Barjhoux defended his thesis. Awarded by ISAE-SUPAERO, his work was realized both at Institut Clément Ader laboratory and IRT Saint Exupéry, under the supervision of Aéronautique-Astronautique doctoral school. The high quality and the relevance of [...]

Sami El Aabid defended his thesis on model based method dedicated to the diagnosis of PEMFCs

On 31st January 2020, Sami El Aabid defended his thesis. Awarded by INP Toulouse, his work was supervised by Laplace, the GEET doctoral school and IRT Saint Exupéry. The high quality and the relevance of Sami's thesis contributed to get [...]

Back to aerospace additive manufacturing 2019

During Additive Manufacturing Summit, on December 3 and 4, 2019, the IRT Saint Exupéry teams were present to exchange with the major players in the field of Additive Manufacturing. Conferences, workshops and BtoB meetings pace these two days where participants [...]

[PRESSE] 1st aeronautical training & profession exhibition in Toulouse

Le premier Salon des métiers et formations de l’aéronautique se déroule de vendredi à dimanche au musée Aeroscopia. Plus de trente exposants et de nombreuses conférences sont au programme.

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Participation de l’IRT Saint Exupéry

IRT Saint Exupéry organized its 4th PhD’s Day

The 4th PhDs’ day of the IRT Saint Exupéry took place on 9th July at the IAS campus in Toulouse. It attracted around 150 participants. About a quarter of those taking part were academic or industrial IRT members. This edition [...]

GIFAS Thermoplastic Plenary Meeting @ IRT Saint Exupéry

Participants at the GIFAS Thermoplastic Plenary Meeting in front of the bulding B612. The last GIFAS “Thermoplastics” annual general meeting was held this year at the IRT Saint Exupéry on June 6, 2019. Once again this major event for the [...]

[PRESSE SIAE2019] Additive manufacturing MAMA Project: the future of aeronautics is at stake in Pamiers

Présent au salon international du Bourget, Aubert et Duval a annoncé mercredi le lancement opérationnel du projet Mama. Un projet de métallurgie du futur, dont le centre est à Pamiers.

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