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ESARS ITEC 2016: D. Boroyevich (CPES, Virginia Tech) as keynote

The joint edition of the two conferences “International Conference on Electrical Systems for Aircraft, Railway, Ship Propulsion and Road Vehicles” (ESARS) and the “International Transportation Electrification Conference” (ITEC) was a real success. More than 160 researchers from industry and universities got together to discuss and present research work developed in the area of electrical systems for transportation.

Bernardo Cogo and Régis Meuret, both from IRT Saint Exupéry, have organized and chaired a Special Session on “Power Electronics Integration” and also an Industrial Workshop on “Wide BandGap Components for Aircraft Applications”.

Furthermore, IRT Saint Exupéry sponsored the venue of Dr. Dushan Boroyevich (CPES, Virginia Tech, USA) for the opening keynote of the conference. Dr. Dushan Boroyevich has also made an IRT seminar (see detailed information) for the entire IRT Saint Exupéry and discussed with members of the institute about possible collaboration between the both research centers.