Caroline Gaya, IRT Saint Exupéry & LRCS PhD is qualified for the three minute thesis (MT180) Regional Final

Event information

Start date :29/03/2018

End date :29/03/2018

Location : Region Head Office, 59000, Lille

Caroline Gaya, 3rd year PhD Student at LRCS Amiens and IRT Saint Exupéry has been qualified for the regional final of my three minute thesis (Ma thèse en 180 seconde) at Lille on Thursday 29th March, 2018. This contest is organised by the CNRS and The Conference of University Presidents (CPU).

Thesis Subject

« Operation of lithium-air batteries in extreme conditions »

About this thesis

Lithium air battery (Li-air) has attracted much attention during the last years due to its theoretical high energy density. Yet, it is widely accepted that many obstacles must be overcome in order to realize practical Li-air. For non-aqueous Li-air, the challenges include searching for a proper cathode material with proper solvents, stabilizing the electrolyte/anode interface, optimization of the cathode structure and morphology, etc.


The expected benefit of this project is to gain evaluation competence and to prove theoretically and experimentally if Li-air are feasible for high energy density applications in future aircraft, providing also high power capability as Li-Polymer. The investigations support the trends of “more electric aircraft” as well as “hybrid propulsion“.