EMC Europe 2017, Int. Symposium & Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility

Event information

Start date :04/09/2017

End date :08/09/2017

Time :14:00

Location : ESEO Graduate School of Engineering, 10 boulevard Jean Jeanneteau, 49100, Angers

IRT Saint Exupéry is bronze sponsor of EMC Europe 2017, the biggest and leading International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility in Europe.

André Durier, robustness project manager at IRT Saint Exupéry,  is the chairman of the Automative EMC Session n°3 and 6 oral presentations from IRT Saint Exupéry researchers have been selected:

  • Unshielded Cable modeling for Conducted Emissions Issues in Electrical Power Drive Systems by Victor Dos Santos and coll. (EMC Analysis, Modelling and Prediction 3 session)
  • A new methodology to extract the ICEM-CE internal activity block of a FPGA by Chaimae Ghfiri and coll. (EMC at chip and PCB lelvel 1 session)
  • Comparison of extraction methods to build a radiated emission model of ICs (ICEM-RE) : pros and cons by Sébastien Serpaud (EMC of IES, the French touch session)
  • Study of the thermal aging effect on the conducted emission of a synchronous buck converter by Alexandre Boyer (LAAS-CNRS), Manuel Gonzalez Sentis, Chaimae Ghfiri, André Durier (Thermal and Ageing Effects session)
  • Effects of Ageing on the Conducted Emissions and Signal Integrity of an IC by Chaimae Ghfiri (EMC of IES, the French touch session)
  • An Analog-to-Digital Converter Immunity Modelling based on a Stochastic Approach by Siham Hairoud Airieau and coll. (Stochastic Modelling for EMC session).