Fatigue 2018

Event information

Start date :27/05/2018

End date :01/06/2018

Time :09:00

Location : Futuropscope, Téléport 1 - BP 90265, 86963, Poitiers cedex

the International Fatigue Congress will be the 12th in a series of major international conferences held since 1981. This series aims to provide a discussion forum for both fundamental aspects and practical applications of fatigue, covering all aspects of fatigue, all type of materials, and all fields of interest (transportation, energy, electronics, civil engineering, medicine ,…).

The French bid to host Fatigue 2018 was extremely strong, with support not only from the local organizations University of Poitiers, ISAE-ENSMA, Pprime Institute, and CNRS, but also from SF2M, Airbus Group, Constellium, SAFRAN, AREVA, ONERA and Renault. The conference chair and his co-chairs are very well known scientists in the fatigue field.