Event information

Start date :02/11/2016

End date :04/11/2016

Time :09:00

Location : INP-ENSEEIHT, 2 Rue Charles Camichel, 31000, Toulouse

The joint edition of the two conferences “International Conference on Electrical Systems for Aircraft, Railway, Ship Propulsion and Road Vehicles” (ESARS) and the “International Transportation Electrification Conference” (ITEC) will be held in Toulouse (France) from Nov. 2-4, 2106. The aim of the Conference is to promote a Forum, where people involved with electrical systems problems may compare their experiences and present solutions found for actual and further requirements.

Special Session “Power Electronics Integration”

This session is organised by Dr. Bernardo Cogo (IRT Saint Exupéry) and Dr. Thierry Meynard (Laplace CNRS/INP ENSEEIHT/UT3).

It will be focusing on the following topics:

  • Power Converters: Topologies, Optimization, Integration, high efficiency and power density;
  • Magnetic components: topologies, characterization, design, integration;
  • Capacitors: new materials, characterization, integration;
  • Filters: topologies, modelling, standards, integration;
  • Cooling: High temperature converters and components, new cooling solutions, heatpipes, new materials, optimized design;
  • Gate driver, sensors and auxiliary circuits for integrated converters;
  • Silicon-based and Wide Bandgap components: structure, fabrication, characterization, modelling;
  • Packaging: package types, assembly concepts, 3D integration, new materials and interconnects, insulation, high temperature applications, cooling concepts; integration of passive components, drivers, sensors and other functions.
  • Dr. Bernardo Cogo, Power Electronics Expert,IRT Saint Exupéry Email
  • Dr Thierry Meynard, CNRS Research Director, Laplace Lab. Email

Workshop “Wide BandGap Components for Aircraft Applications”

This workshop is organised by Dr. Bernardo Cogo (IRT Saint Exupéry) and Dr. Thierry Meynard (Laplace CNRS/INP ENSEEIHT/UT3).

The More Electric Aircraft (MEA) concept relies on replacing conventional non-electrical aircraft systems such as pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical systems by electrical ones. One of the main challenges associated to the MEA is to significantly increase power density of electrical power systems, without compromising on reliability. The best way to considerably increase power density of energy converters is by the use of disruptive technology such as Wide Bandgap (WBG) semiconductors. These components, which are either made of Silicon Carbide (SiC) or Gallium Nitride (GaN), have theoretically much higher performance than their Silicon counterparts concerning thermal aspects and switching and conduction losses. However, electromagnetic interference, reliability and cost of such components are real issues which must be overcome so they can be effectively used in future aircrafts.

The goal of the workshop is to connect aircraft manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and WBG semiconductor manufacturers as well as researchers in order to discuss the current state-of-art, share new ideas and concepts, and debate about the advantages and bottlenecks of the use of such components applied to more electrical aircrafts.

  • Dr. Bernardo Cogo,Power Electronics Expert, IRT Saint Exupéry Email
  • Dr Thierry Meynard, CNRS Research Director, Laplace Lab. Email


It is sponsored by IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) and supported by OMNIA GREEN, IEEE-PELS Power Electronics Society, INP ENSEEIHT, Laplace laboratory and IRT Saint Exupéry.

Deadline for provisional full paper submission : June, 30th 2016

– Provisional full papers (regular sessions): 30th June 2016
– Provisional full papers  (special sessions): 30th June 2016
– Notification of acceptance (all sessions): 30th July 2016
– Final submissions due: 30th September 2016
– Early bird and author’s registration: 30th September 2016