3E theory by Michel Amiet, electrical engineering and power electronics expert, chief engineer of the armament operational reserve to the DGA

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Start date :08/12/2015

End date :08/12/2015


The presentation has been done in 2 stages. In the first part, Michel Amiet has developed a vision of Electrical Engineering with 3 scientific and technological areas, namely the “3 E” for electrical engineering, power electronics and electrochemistry. In the second part, he has outline the means of cooperation with the DGA (Ministry of Defence).


MAmiet_IRTseminarMichel Amiet spent 40 years at the DGA as a civil engineer. First, responsible for upstream studies in direct energy conversion, including the thermionic, he quickly took the head of the electrical engineering department while covering the fields of electrical engineering, power electronics and electrochemistry. From 1973 he taught electrical engineering and hydraulics EIGSI (former EEMI) for 9 years in La Rochelle. In 1985, he was appointed by the Minister Hubert Curien, President of the Inter-ministerial Mission on Electrical Engineering (MIGE with 120 experts).

He is the originator of the “three E theory”, Days of Young Researchers in Electrical Engineering (JCGE) and Groupings GIRCEP and GIRTOM. He filed several patents on a variety of areas such as superconductivity, the fight against fire, electromagnetic launchers or electromagnetic actuators.

Now retired “civil” from the Ministry of Defence, Michel Amiet is Chief Engineer for Armaments in the body of Operational Reservists. To this, he adds the expert activities for various institutions including the DGA, ANR, ADEME and the CEA.