IRT TRAINING for ICAM students: Aircraft electrical system

Event information

Start date :04/04/2016

End date :08/04/2016

Location : 04/04/16: at ICAM - 08/04/16: at IRT Saint Exupéry, 31000, Toulouse

The IRT Saint-Exupery, More Electrical Aircraft domain performs its first training!

The electrical power into aircraft is increasing. This results in an increase in complexity of the electrical system architecture, and the emergence of new physical phenomena such as Partial Discharges and Electrical Arcs.

This training set-up by IRT and ICAM teams aims to familiarize ICAM students with the aircraft electrical system through:

  • History of embedded power,
  • The electrical architecture of aircraft : Power sources, and distribution,
  • Electrical System components,
  • Data communication,
  • Electrical risks.

This training is divided into two modules:

  • A theory at ICAM place,
  • A practical at IRT Saint-Exupéry place.

Participants : 

  • T.BILLARD – More Electrical Aircraft Department Research Engineer
  • N.CHADOURNE – More Electrical Aircraft Department Research Engineer