JTE 2016

Event information

Start date :12/07/2016

End date :12/07/2016

Time :08:30

Location : Amphi Concorde, bât. U4, Université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier, 118 route de Narbonne, 31400, Toulouse

IRT is partner of JTE 2016, the “toulousain” day of the electrochemistry. Organised by the LGC, with LCC and CIRIMAT lab contributions, this edition is dedicated to electrochemistry and its applications. It gathers the researchers of the regional university and industries. The applications of the electrochemistry are multiple: analysis, energy, environment, materials, corrosion and surface treatment, spatial, micro and nano sciences… The main objective is to join labs, industrial partners for presentations of current activities linked to electrochemistry.

Electrochemistry techniques are widely used to study corrosion processes of metals in aqueous solutions in order to have a better understanding  of the corrosion mechanisms and to forecast  their long-term behaviour.

Two main IRT Saint Exupéry studies, part of Material Domain, will be presented. They are issued from current PhD:

  • Elaboration and characterizations of micro-arc oxidation coatings on TA6V alloy” from Marie Laveissiere (PhD supervisor: Laurent Arurault, Cirimat RTS team),
  • Contribution to the understanding of the corrosion protection mechanism on magnesium alloys” from Samuel Leleu (co-PhD supervisors: Nadine Pebere, Cirimat Surf team – Bertrand Rives, IRT Saint Exupéry).

These two PhD thesis are key crown jewels of IRT Saint Exupéry surface technologies road map which can be mainly devided in 3 axes:

  • Friendly environmental surface treatment for  metallic alloys (Mg, Al, Ti) via liquid phase ;
  • Multifunctional coatings & associated processes ;
  • Understanding of surface technologies ageing mechanisms and associated modeling.

In parallel a global overview  of surface technologies IRT Saint Exupéry activities will be presented by Bertrand Rives, referent for surfaces and multifunctional coatings.