Toulouse Space Show 2018

Event information

Start date :26/06/2018

End date :28/06/2018

Time :09:00

Location : Centre des congrès Pierre Baudis, 11 esplanade Compans Caffarelli, 31000, Toulouse

Attended by more than 3000 worldwide participants including leading stakeholders & decision-makers: entrepreneurs, Space Agency directors, executives of key organizations and political leaders, the Toulouse Space Show is a major global forum dedicated to novel Space solutions, highlighting future trends & the new Space economy.

IRT Saint Exupéry (booth C26) will present its most advanced results in the field of Broadband Space Telecommunications, Photonics, Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation mission planning and massive image processing, as well as Dependable and Explainable Learning for critical Space applications. Live demonstrations will illustrate some innovations achieved so far in these domains. A competition with an AI is also organised.

IRT Saint Exupéry Presentation Sheet at #TSS_2018


Common research programs ● Know-how ● Licences / Technologies ● Partnership for R&D Project ● Research & Development ● Services


Common research programs ● Partnership for R&D Project

Innovative projects
  • SYNAPSE : AI technologies for Earth Observation Systems & Services
  • ALBS : Building Blocks & Technologies for future broadband satellite telecommunication systems
  • DEEL : Dependable & Explainable Learning
Equipements, technologies and processes
  • CITADEL: collaborative Platform for R&D in AI & Big Data
  • AGATA NEO: R&D Platform to test new concepts for space systems operations
  • ELITE: Software Defined Radio Platform for next generation broadband telecommunications
  • ELLA: laser telecommunication test bench
Skills Space R&D
  • Control Systems innovations ● Data handling and Storage for space ● Energy Storage and Power Conditioning
  • Engineering Processes ●  Ground Systems ● Materials, mechanics and processes
  • New Applications and Services (EO, Satcom and Nav) ●  Radiofrequency Systems Developments
  • Software & Physical models validation● Structures ● Thermal Control & technologies ● Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data ● Free Space Optical Telecommunications ● Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation