Use of AADL for Hardware and Software Co-development, Scientific day

Event information

Start date :22/11/2016

End date :22/11/2016

Time :10:00 to 16:00

Location : Campus Jussieu, 4 place Jussieu, 75252, Paris cedex 05

IRT Saint Exupéry Embedded System Domain and the CNRS GDR SoC-SiP launch periodic scientific days gathering industrials and academics

The IRT Saint Exupéry and the CNRS GDR SoC-SiP join their efforts to organize industrial and academic event related to hardware and software co-development process. These periodic scientific days will be organized alternately in Paris and Toulouse.

The first event will be focused on the use of the AADL language to design embedded systems.

The objective of this day is to gather the French academic and industrial communities on embedded systems design integrating hardware and software domain. In this context the main stake is then to explore and to optimize simultaneously system parameters, also called co-development or co-design. Status of actual standards, new constraints and new challenges on which embedded systems designers will have to face will be debated.

The day is organized around four main invited presentations and pitches/posters session based on CNRS team contributions selected by organization committee.

Invited Speakers:

  • ISAE – Jérome Hugues: AADL standard and outlook. – Presentation
  • Lab-STICC – Franck Singhoff: AADL example for scheduling analysis. – Presentation
  • Lab-STICC – Eric Senn: Power consumption optimization of embedded application with AADL. – Presentation
  • IRT Saint Exupéry (seconded from Thales Avionics) – Eric Jenn: An experimentation for architecture exploration with AADL – The TwIRTee use case. – Presentation

Presentation Password : AADLDAY

Organization Committee:

  • Philippe Coussy – Lab-STICC,
  • Philippe Cuenot – IRT Saint Exupéry (seconded from Continental),
  • Laurent Georges – ESIEE,
  • Sébastien Faucou – IRCCyN,
  • Patrick Farail – IRT Saint Exupéry (seconded from Airbus),
  • Sébastien Pillement – IETR


UPMC Paris – Campus Jussieu (room 25-26 105)