Materials – High Performance Multifunctional Domain

The High Performance Multifunctional Materials Domain meets the challenges of technological breakthroughs that require new materials and processes tailored to industrial requirements and that are more environmentally friendly, robust and certifiable.

technologies are grouped together in 3 competence centeRs:

The Materials Domain devises solutions at every point in the technological value chain to accelerate the introduction of new materials and processes, from their elaboration/transformation up to pilot scale manufacturing and digitalisation processes : development of materials, introduction of functions – Special processes, green & robust technologies – Simulations, Virtual Testing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.


It creates knowledge and end-to-end expertise from the research laboratory to the end-users via material suppliers. It delivers benchmarks and proofs of concept, forming part of industry 4.0 with solutions that are automated and respect the environment. Finally, it supports digital continuity processes by creating virtual products and virtual testing while factoring in the constraints of manufacturing processes.


Supported by its multi-disciplinary teams – industrial, academic and IRT staff – and its disruptive technology platforms, the technologies are broken down into four key competences: smart composites and processes, high-performance metallic materials and processes, multi-functional coatings/paintings, and innovative surface treatments and assemblies.


Thermoplastic Impregnation Line - JEC WORLD 2019
Metal Additive Manucturing Platform
Direct induction welding process development