Intelligent Systems & Communications Domain

The Intelligent Systems and Communications Domain addresses the challenges of two technological breakthroughs: artificial intelligence and broadband communications applied to the aeronautics, space and other industries.

The technologies are grouped together in 2 competence centErs & 1 PROGRAMME:

The Intelligent Systems & Communications Domain develops AI and telecommunication technologies via its multi-disciplinary teams consisting of industrial, academic and IRT staff – all based on the same site – and its disruptive platforms.


For AI, the domain adapts existing techniques to problems that have never previously been tackled – such as for satellite imagery – or invents new technological blocks with scientists. This is the case when it hybridizes physical models (with partial differential equations for example) and machine learning models. This is also the case for dependable and explainable AI for critical systems with the DEEL programme. And, to make the most of international excellence, the domain is based in France and Montreal (Quebec) stronghold for aeronautics and large global hub of AI.


For telecommunications, the domain develops real-time digital signal processing technologies[1]. From continuous signals to optical signals via microwaves, it prototypes and validates its innovations on software-defined radios and networks.


[1] Signal processing is the enabling technology for the generation, transformation, and interpretation of information.


Free space laser communications: the future of satellite broadband services
Machine learning appliquée à l'imagerie spatiale, M. Le Goff, IRT Saint Exupéry/IRIT
Chaine de communication optique à travers l'atmosphère, Karim Elayoub, IRT Saint Exupéry / ISAE-SUPAERO