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The Intelligent Systems & Applications Competence Center responds to the challenge of artificial intelligence and big data. It accompanies the need for qualification and certification of the AI-based critical systems by specializing on reliable AI and machine-based learning solutions. In view of market uncertainty and the agility of the major digital operators, several historical French industrialists are obliged to bypass their usual patterns and invest in less mature technologies. IRT Saint Exupéry gathers together common investments and capitalizes on R&T in a competitive sector undergoing restructuring.


It is oriented towards reliable and explainable AI, capable of integrating systems as critical as planes or satellites, since the industrialists need to gain confidence on the limits of these systems, certain dysfunctions being difficult to explain and the research in its really nascent stage.


It focuses on Earth observation by satellite, a market in full expansion thanks to appearance of new applications (environment, populations protection), to the widening of the market to include new users (local government, SMEs) or the emergence of New Space.
Originating in the context of spatial applications, the competence center is widening its application sectors to encompass the aerospace and automobile industries, the intelligence areas and the health sector.

R&T Fields

Several themes need to be studied with, as their common aim, the following certifications:

  • Standards, regulations: how to determine new certification standards that will allow a boost in confidence on complex and adaptive systems;
  • AI integration systems with their specifications in terms of performance and robustness;
  • Development process (design pattern) and incremental maintenance/correction of AI-based systems;
  • Taking on board of AIs, implementation infrastructures/material target.
This rests on the development of assessment platforms and tools as well as on a qualification methodology relying, for example, on the structuring of qualifying databases. A fundamental contribution lies in the capacity to couple and compare physical and simulated models with empirical or statistical models.
The competence center tries to create value within a context of massive multi-sectorial data sharing with the aim of cross-fertilization of the data. Two key factors have been identified:

  • Secure data-sharing technology facilitating the creation of conditions of trust and traceability.
  • Weakly supervised learning methods allowing the building of models at a lower operational cost.


Head of Intelligent Systems & Applications Competence Center
Toulouse Site



  • States of the art, technical syntheses.
  • Specific technological platforms.
  • Demonstrators and prototypes.
  • Know-how.
  • Databases and models.
  • Contributions to the TRL levels (technological maturity).
  • Thesis reports, scientific publications, conferences.