Systems Engineering & Modeling Domain

The Systems Engineering and Modeling Domain addresses the challenges of methodological breakthrough and digitalization to improve the efficiency of the aeronautics and space industry, meaning to reduce times and costs of a product development cycle. It covers the entire cycle, including the multi-physical aspects (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, etc.).

The technologies are grouped together in 2 competence centErs:

The Systems Enginerring & Modeling Domain encompasses two types of systems engineering that are increasingly inter-linked: a product’s embedded systems, principally the electronics and software, and structural systems (wings, engines, solar panels, etc.).


The Domain provides solutions in the form of methodological and software components to feed the digital platform for integrated collaborative engineering of our partners. This platform is used by systems architects and business lines (thermal, power, electrical, software, mechanics, etc.) to design a product iteratively and in a multi-disciplinary manner; in other words, involving all the business lines in extended enterprise with all the partners and suppliers. The suggested methods, tools and software – once they have been assembled in a chain of IT tools – enable all the business lines to become actors from the needs analysis and specifications of the product. They will be able to share the same models and data, while guaranteeing that the production, operation, maintenance and end-of-life constraints of the product are factored into the design at a very early stage. Furthermore, traceability is also assured throughout the development cycle.


With its mixed teams – from academic and industrial sectors – and its disruptive technology platforms, the domain develops collaborative systems engineering technologies based on the following models: architecture, simulation, multi-disciplinary optimization and extended enterprise analysis as well as methodological and simulation solutions required for mastering the design and certification of complex cyber-physical systems.


MOISE project: 1-Digital continuity for MBSE
MOISE project: 2-System definition & safety assessment consistency
MOISE project: 3-System architecture to co-simulation
MOISE project: 4-Need elicitation using models