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IRT Saint Exupéry Canada’s mission is to strengthen industrial competitiveness through an integrated, collaborative model for driving research in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

One year after its creation in 2019, IRT Saint Exupéry Canada moved into the prestigious Mila Institute, in the heart of Montreal's AI ecosystem. Today, we develop innovative AI solutions that are safe, robust, and sustainable for the aerospace, healthcare, and digital sectors. 

With our activities and skills acquired through the DEEL program, we mobilize the network in Quebec and build synergies with the community in Toulouse. Our goal is to provide support and services in AI for companies.

Our offer & expertise

  • Service, consulting & support in AI;
  • Supervision of fundamental research;
  • Exchange program support for doctoral and postdoctoral students between France and Quebec.
  • Specialized in explainable, robust, sustainable and frugal AI;
  • Proof of Concepts from TRL4-6 level to transfer to industry;
  • Proven proficiency in managing constraints related to AI implementation in critical systems;
  • Experienced in bringing projects in aeronautics and space towards certification and industrialization.

co-located collaborative research model


IRT Saint Exupéry Canada is based on a co-located collaborative research model. This integrated, collaborative environment makes it possible to host research projects within our office space, thus leveraging synergies through proximity. This collaborative research platform includes engineers, researchers, experts, and Ph.Ds from both, academic and industrial backgrounds.

Our Mission



your needs.

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your strategy.

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your roadmaps.

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of proof of concepts.

Thanks to our skills and technologies, we work on the digital transformation of the medical, aerospace, and AI for critical systems sectors, in complex and uncertain environments. Our know-how is based on proven use cases, to adapt them to robust and certifiable critical systems.

skills & technologies

 Computer vision
 Virtual agents
 Decision support
 Machine Learning
 Reinforcement Learning
 NLP, natural language processing
 Autonomous systems
 Robotic automation

proven use cases

 Anomaly detection
Predictive analysis
 Quality assurance
Diagnosis and process control (manufacturing)
Human-Machine Collaboration

Why contact us?

We offer robust and certifiable AI solutions dedicated to the aerospace, digital, and healthcare sectors.

Whether you need global support, to identify areas for AI application within your company, or to implement one of our models to resolve a concrete and known problem; we offer you personalized, reliable, and qualified support.

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