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IRT Forum#3, at the heart of the challenges of tomorrow

On October 13th over 400 industrial and academic participants from 8 IRTs gathered at the Maison Minatec in Grenoble on the location of the IRT Nanoelec for the 3rd edition of the Forum of IRTs. During his visit, Thierry Mandon, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, said “The IRT is the figurehead of the French innovation system” while Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner for investment , said that “no object better embodies the ambitions of the PIA (Investments for the Future Programme) that the IRT.

SignatureIrtSattAfter the creation of the IRT association on March 12th whose Vice President is Gilbert Casamatta (IRT Saint Exupéry President), it was the opportunity to sign the national partnership agreement between the IRTs and the association of SATT (Acceleration Society of Technology Transfer).

The exhibition village of IRT presented about twenty demonstrations in four thematic areas – digital transition, materials and processes, health, transport.

ForumIRT3_VillageTransportThe IRT Saint Exupéry was present on the transport area with its more electrical aircraft domain demonstrating power electronics integration technologies.

ForumIRT3_VillageMateriauxOn materials and processes area, IRT Saint Exupéry presented two topics: Innovative processes design for ceramisation of serial aircraft engines (CMC project) and Set up of a  high velocity impact test platform to characterize materials to those sollicitation (CompInnovTD project).

The 4th edition in 2016 will be organized by SystemX IRT on the Saclay plateau in the Paris region.

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