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IRT Saint Exupéry prepares to join the International Electrotechnical Commission for EMC of integrated circuits

Participants’ group in the meeting of the workgroup dedicated to EMC measurement standards for integrated circuit (WG9) in September to Regensburg (Germany).
André Durier, a technical expert at Continental Automotive France, also in charge of the Component Robustness competence centre of IRT Saint Exupéry (More electrical aircraft Domain), will be responsible for coordinating workgroup efforts dedicated to measurement standards for integrated circuit (WG9) electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). This role was confirmed at the meeting held on September 15 in Regensburg, Germany. André Durier was considered during the IEC SC47A Spring Meeting held in Toulouse, France, in May, with over 20 experts from 6 countries (Japan, Korea, Germany, Ireland, USA, and France) focusing on standards for measurement and modeling EMC in components.

André Durier’s main role will be confirmed in April 2018 when he officially becomes president of the 47A sub-committee for integrated circuits at AFNOR, which represents France at the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). He will succeed Christian Marot from Airbus Group Innovations. Uniting 60 countries, IEC elaborates and publishes international standards in the field of electricity and electronics. France’s Union Technique de l’Electricité (UTE) has been a proactive force since 1993, along with AFNOR since 2015, for IEC workgroups dedicated to EMC in electronic components, that is, their capacity to operate correctly in their electromagnetic environment without disturbing other components. André Durier will drive standards proposals resulting from work performed by the Component Robustness Competence Centre.

Evolutions for standards include studies on integrating the effects of ageing in electronic component emission and immunity models. Lastly, the positive vote on the new proposal (NP) IEC 62432-6, on the immunity of integrated circuits to Electrical Fast Transients (EFT), is the first recognition of IRT Saint Exupéry’s work to propose new standards.