IRT Saint Exupery Canada

The IRT Saint Exupéry Canada – Centre de recherche Aéro-Numérique – is located in the heart of Montreal’s artificial intelligence ecosystem.


1. Federating the French and Quebec works of the DEEL (DEpendable & Explainable Learning) research program.
2. Promote the collaboration model successfully tested by the IRT Saint Exupéry in which industrialists work daily together with academics in a shared place.
3. Involve Montréal’s dynamic ecosystem in the challenges of the aeronautics, space and automotive industries by setting up structuring and multi-partner Franco-Canadian research programs.


On Going Activities

The DEEL Project involves, in France and Quebec, academic and industrial partners in the development of dependable, robust, explainable and certifiable artificial intelligence technological bricks applied to critical systems.

Deel Project - Artificial Intelligence for Critical Systems

GAUDRON Guillaume

Guillaume Gaudron

IRT Saint Exupéry Canada CEO



IRT Saint Exupery Canada Address

6650 Saint-Urbain Montréal, QC H2S 3G9, Canada

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Début du Fall Meeting 2020 de la fondation #STAEToulouse à l’hôtel d’Assezat, introduction par François Vernadat @irtSaintEx #CNRM @meteofrance

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