5G/IoT Village

In the 5G/IoT village, the four IRTs involved with the topic – b‹›com, Nanoelec, Saint Exupéry, and SystemX – demonstrated how they are taking on challenges in a world where everything is connected, where networks are programmable, autonomous, secure and efficient to offer more services. b‹›com designs the architecture and develops the Virtual Network Functions and  the radio technologies to cope with the surge in transmission rates and proliferation of technologies. Nanoelec works on silicon-based integrated photonic circuits for data centres. IRT Saint Exupéry is willing to foster adoption of satellite to extend the 5G network to non-covered areas, by proposing “virtualized access and network functions” for a seamless integration in telecom operator’s networks. The application developed by IRT SystemX provides wireless network slicing functionality, a technique that will allow operators to share a unique 5G network infrastructure between various use cases.
Photos Lydie Lecarpentier