Cybersecurity Village

In the Cybersecurity village, the Nanoelec, b‹›com, Railenium, and SystemX IRTs exhibited innovative solutions developed in several fields: protecting personal and collective data and content; object security, better understanding and anticipation of threats; and increasing security for railway systems. IRT Nanoelec demonstrated a physical attack and countermeasure on an IoT device. b‹›com combined several research topics to help ensure respect for people’s private lives, traceability and resilience in communications, and privacy for the most sensitive types of information. This includes cryptography and signal processing, software defined network technologies, digital watermarking, and information theory. For Railenium, the precursor of autonomous trains requires detailed risk analysis to flawlessly detect and classify potential attacks on secure embedded railway systems. IRT SystemX focuses on the damage caused to small businesses by computer attacks. A field study carried out with more than 60 victims identified variables that differ from usual estimates, both in terms of actual costs and probabilities of occurrence.
Photos Lydie Lecarpentier