Space Village

Some of the major players in the space industry, most of whom are members of IRT Saint Exupéry, participated in the IRT Forum exhibition: Aerospace Valley, Airbus Defense & Space Intelligence, ArianeGroup, CNES, Comat, ESSP, ISAE-SUPAERO, ONERA, Reuniwatt, SkyReal, Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space.
The Space Village offered a good example of IRT Saint Exupéry’s diversity. This exhibition included public institutions and research centres, clusters, SMEs and major industrial groups.

One room of the IRT Saint Exupéry platform was dedicated to space industry and applications, giving visitors an excellent opportunity to discover the latest innovations and developments:

  • The Stratobus model by Thales Alenia Space, an autonomous stratospheric airship that combines the best of both satellite and drone worlds.
  • Maritime surveillance tools by Telespazio: ship detection, oil spills…
  • The activities of ESSP (European Satellite Services Provider): GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) satellite navigation services, Pan-European Safety-Critical services, consultancy services in aviation for PBN (Performance Based Navigation) implementation, GNSS service development.
  • Ariane 5 model and Ariane 6 presentation by ArianeGroup, as well as a VR (virtual reality) corner by SkyReal, an ArianeGroup partner for industrial process simulation and validation.
  • Presentation of ONERA activities on innovative satellite propulsion: presentation of HYPROGEO European H2020 project, a propulsion engine based on hybrid chemical propulsion.
  • Airbus Defense and Space Intelligence activities
  • Aerospace Valley cluster activities in the space field:
    • Booster NOVA, a consortium to develop services and create start-up
    • the management of ESA BIC (Business Incubation Centre) Sud France, offering support and technical expertise for the creation of innovative start-ups,
    • NewSpace Factory
  • Implementation and presentation of projects co-led by ISAE-SUPAERO:
    • The EntrySat project, a 3 units CubeSat developed by ISAE-SUPAERO students, in collaboration with ONERA and Toulouse University, funded by CNES for a launch in the framework of QB50 European initiative
    • the CSUT (Centre Spatial Universitaire de Toulouse), a scientific interest grouping to study and built nanosatellites
    • InSight (INterior exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) (collaboration with CNES) mission of NASA’s Discovery Programme which aims to deploy a geophysical lander on Mars to study the planet’s deep interior and gain new understanding of how rocky planets form.
    • The ISAE-Mars Microphone project to retrieve sounds from Mars.
  • CNES activities:
    • the NASA InSight mission (collaboration with ISAE-SUPAERO),
    • Merlin (Methane Remote Sensing Lidar Mission), a Franco-German collaborative minisatellite climate mission
    • additive manufacturing samples.
  • Presentation of projects on free space laser communications by IRT Saint Exupéry and SME members to prepare the future of satellite broadband services with the Sky InSight cloud detector developed with Reuniwatt.
Photos Lydie Lecarpentier