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2nd ISAE-SUPAERO/IRT Saint Exupéry Hackathon on Big Data for space

ISAE-SUPAERO & IRT Saint Exupéry organised a 2nd Hackathon on Artificial Intelligence in the field of Big Data for spatial remote sensing observation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) studies aim to create computers having an intelligent behaviour. ISAE-SUPAERO and IRT Saint Exupéry OCE project teams both work in AI distributed technologies and have decided to join their forces in 2016 in order to set up the first edition of an “Hackathon” (Computer Program Marathon) in the field of  Big Data for spatial remote sensing observation. After the success of this first 2016 Hackathon ISAE-SUPAERO and IRT Saint Exupéry OCE project teams have decided to continue the initiative in 2017 with the second version of the Hackathon, which has evolved considering the return of experience from the first Hackathon and also the continuous evolution in AI and Big data technologies fields.

The Hackathon initiative, led by Emmanuel Rachelson from “Decision science” team of ISAE-SUPAERO, consists of groups of students solving problems during a 3 day challenge. One use cases has been submitted to 30 ISAE-SUPAERO students split in 6 groups. The objective was to develop and test AI technics, to obtain the best possible performances for each use case. SYNAPSE project (whose industrial members are Airbus Defence and Space, Airbus Group Innovation, Thales Alenia Space, Thales Service and Telespazio) has provided an industrial use case and earth observation data: Land cover classification on optical images. IRT Saint Exupéry was also actively involved in the challenge definition, organisation and supervision.

This second experience was successful and the feedback from both ISAE-SUPAERO students, teachers and researchers are very positive. The work done by students was quite impressive and the methods tested were often innovative. The 3-day format was very motivating for students giving a positive and non-stressing challenge. The interaction between students, teachers and experts was very fruitful. ISAE-SUPAERO and IRT Saint Exupéry are currently making a detailed sharing of experience and are considering to continue Hackathon initiative the next year.

Through this Hackathon IRT Saint Exupéry and ISAE-SUPAERO have reinforced the cooperation between industry and education and research organizations. This event has also reinforced already existing links in the field of AI technologies relative to SYNASPE project use.

IRT Saint Exupéry OCE Use cases: Land cover classification on optical images.