Practical Info


NanRun 2016 Steering Committee
IRT Saint Exupéry – 118 route de Narbonne, CS 44248 – 31432 Toulouse cedex 4 (France)
Tel. +33 5 61 00 67 83 – Email: nanorun2016@irt-saintexupery.com


NanoRun 2016 will be hosted by INP-ENSEEIHT, one of the seven members of the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, a campus of Toulouse University (France). This state-funded School in Electrical engineering, Automation, Electronics, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Hydraulics, and Telecommunications) is located in the centre of Toulouse, France’s second university town after Paris.

Address: INP-ENSEEIHT, 2 rue Charles Camichel – 31000 Toulouse (France)

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It is unfortunately not possible to park within the INP ENSEEIHT. The closest parking lot is the Indigo parking lot Saint Aubin 8bis Boulevard Lazare Carnot.


With its characteristic architecture, the city of Toulouse has earned the nickname “ville rose” or “pink city” due to the colour of the local building material traditionally used – terra cotta bricks. Home to Airbus, Toulouse is now one of Europe’s high-tech cities with a large number of cutting-edge businesses in the aeronautic, IT and space industry, as well as many research institutes. It is an important university town with prestigious cultural centres Abattoirs museum of modern and contemporary art, Cité de l’Espace and Toulouse National Theatre (TNT). Toulouse is considered one of the larger intermediate European cities along with Lyon, Marseille, Florence, Hamburg and Zurich. Toulouse was ranked by Lonely Planet among the 10 European Destinations in 2014.

Download the mobile app So Toulouse

AppliSoToulouseThe Toulouse Convention Bureau developed an application “SoToulouse” (without space between “So” and “Toulouse”) to download on Apps which is a useful digital assistant for the participant to NanoRun 2016. You will find information relative to the event such as the programme, contact, or partners. It allows of plan your participation and your movements thanks to the integrated mapping and of exchange directly with the other participants. You will find all the practical information there to take advantage completely of your event and the Toulousian life: shopping, culture, transport, etc.

Travel by plane

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