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New year’s speech: stronger in 2015, look to 2016

Gilbert Casamatta, IRT Saint Exupéry President

During their new year’s speech for employees, the President Gilbert Casamatta and the Director Ariel Sirat reviewed key achievements in 2015 as well as the outlook and objectives for 2016.

Last year saw projects launched in 2014 started to deliver significant and promising results.

The IRT also clearly demonstrated its desire to work collaboratively with its partners by:

  • hosting the RTRA STAE (Advanced Thematic Research Network – Science and Technologies for Aeronautics and Space) ;
  • sharing communication and SME -related activities with the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster ;
  • becoming heavily involved in the French IRT association, FIT, created in 2015, where IRT Saint Exupéry, the only IRT with a president from the academic world, is head of the future PIA3 (1)  programme ;
  • making a business agreement with SATT  (2) Toulouse Tech Transfer, the National Association of SATT for contractual and intellectual property (IP) activities.

Ariel Sirat, CEO IRT Saint Exupéry, speaking about the main partners of the Aerospace and Embedded Systems ecosystem (Photo Comsci)

Structuring proposals are in progress with other IRTs including one for thermoplastics, as well as with OEMs and parts suppliers for additive layer manufacturing. The aim is to set up dedicated platforms and programmes this year.

With 36 SMEs involved in its projects, the IRT Saint Exupéry has shown that what it has to offer is not just for large businesses but is also very well adapted to the needs of small and mid-sized companies.

50 PhD students and post-doctorate researchers are now working on IRT projects together with 20 public laboratories.

The IRT’s own facilities are also taking shape with work starting on the building on the site of Toulouse Montaudran Aerospace and the Bordeaux site set to be inaugurated in June. This event will be also the opportunity to celebrate the IRT Saint Exupéry’s third anniversary.

(1) 3rd French Government Programme “Investissements d’avenir (Investments for the Future Programme)
(2) Technology Transfer Accelerated Societies