Each of the three key technology domains – high performance and multifunctional materials, more electrical aircraft and embedded systems – set up dedicated platforms focusing on specific areas of study and exploration to support their project.

High Performance Multifunctional Materials

This domain covers:

  • Developing and characterizing organic matrix composites
  • Studying surface protection coatings and functionalization technologies
  • Designing and characterizing ceramic matrix composites
  • Considering the impact of the manufacturing process on properties of metallic materials
  • Exploring innovative assembly techniques.

More Electrical Aircraft

This domain includes two platforms:

  • The characterization platform: which is considering physical phenomena (arcs, partial discharges, Eddy current) and the failure/ageing mechanisms of electrical components.
  • The electromechanical chains integration platform: which is looking at innovative, basic technology building blocks.

Embedded Systems

This domain covers:

  • Emulation of satellite communication chains
  • Simulation of earth observation systems and services
  • An integrated collaborative systems engineering platform
  • Multidisciplinary analyses and optimization.

Technology Platforms Localization

  1. Understanding of innovative assembly
  2. Process for ceramic composites : MI Owen
  3. Impact of manufacturing process on properties of metallic materials
  4. Elaborate  and characterize organic composites : Thermoplastic pre-impregnation line
  5. Integrated collaborative system engineering : System engineering
  6. Emulation of satellite communication chains : Access & Network – RF Transmission
  7. Simulation of Earth Observation systems & services : Space operation simulator – Massive image processing
  8. Multi-disciplinary analyses & optimisation
  9. Surface protection & Fonctionalization technologies : Oxydation coating by micro-arc – Automated paintshop
  10. Electromechanical chain integration : Motors & direct loss of characterization
  11. Characterization : Electrical Arc – Rotational power loss