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Saber Chelaghma, IRT PhD student, got the first place of the SAMPE France PhDs contest

2017 national winners : Chelaghma Saber (IRT Saint Exupéry Toulouse) & Lorriaux Amandine (LCTS Pessac) 
Saber Chelaghma, second year PhD student at the IRT Saint Exupéry, got the first place of the SAMPE France PhDs contest which took place at Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Mines de Saint Etienne, 30th of March.

The SAMPE contest “materials and processes” allowing European PhDs to present their thesis works in the field of structural materials is organized as part of the SAMPE[1] Europe Conference. This contest will take place in Stuttgart (Germany) from 14 – 16 November. A national selection has been made with a first step based on application file where 8 candidates have been chosen by the SAMPE bureau: P. Briant – Airbus Safran Launchers, H. Girardy – Hexcel, C. Salaün – 3M. Then, the 8 preselected candidates were invited to present their work to this same jury.

The high quality and the relevance of Saber’s presentation are a part of the selection criteria which allows this young researcher to compete in the next SAMPE Europe. As the winner of the French selection, he will present its work to more than 300 industrials of the materials and processes domain during the technical days of chapter France which will take place in Toulouse on 23-24 November 2017.

One more time, this success highlights the efficiency of public/private collaboration thanks to the Institutes of Technology model. This thesis is supervised by the ICA (Clément Ader Institute) and Airbus Group Innovation.

[1] Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering

Thesis Subject

Prediction of the elementary multi-physical behavior of loaded and reinforced with carbon fibers thermoplastic multifunctional material: Identification of the properties in relation to the material manufacturing parameters and validation of the models.

About this thesis

Influence of carbon fibers on polymer crystallization

Influence of carbon fibers on polymer crystallization

In the frame of COMPINNOVTP project,  new high performance thermoplastic solutions are investigated to contribute to further mass and cost reduction for the aerospace industry. But current composites have too low electric conductivity properties because of the polymer matrix. In order to insure without risks the electrostatic charge flow (as lightning strike, air friction…) IRT Saint Exupéry investigates conductive fillers integration in a high performance polymer.

One of the studied polymer has lower fabrication costs and lower processing temperatures compared to others. It also may have different formulations with different properties. The possibility of varying the physicochemical properties of polymer is very interesting, but the difficulties related to the control of crystallization make it a disadvantage. Saber Chelaghma researches aim to understand these phenomena to improve control and optimization of manufacturing cycles of carbon fibers reinforced polymer.

The final objective is the identification of the process parameters to obtain optimum mechanical properties during manufacturing cycles.

Generation of material microstructure

Generation of material microstructure

Related Publication

S. Chelaghma, O. De Almeida, P. Marguerès, J.-C. Passieux, J.-N. Périé, B. Reine and A. Vinet. ETUDE DE LA MORPHOLOGIE CRISTALLINE DU PEKK ET CARACTERISATION DE LA CINETIQUE DE CRISTALLISATION DES COMPOSITES A MATRICE PEKK. Proceedings of JST AMAC – Mise en Œuvre des Composites à Matrice Thermoplastique 2017