All IRT Saint Exupery PhD students benefit from its specific private-public environment. In particular, their academic and industrial advisors ensure the highest scientific standards in parallel with the development of their awareness to the needs of industry, providing opportunities to expand their professional network.


There are currently 31 PhD students, 21 post-docs researchers and 34 PhD alumni. These PhD activities are or have been developed in collaboration with around 30 laboratories, mainly located in Toulouse and Bordeaux, but also in Albi, Limoges, Montpellier, Sophia Antipolis, Grenoble, Poitiers, Caen, Saclay, Amiens, Arras and abroad in Montréal or the USA.

AIDA days

With the AIDA program (Aerospace Industry PhD Acculturation), IRT Saint Exupéry offers PhD students to visit 2 or 3 Aerospace companies per year. The aim is to make the PhD students better know jobs and careers in such companies.


Usually, the visit is composed of:

  • a presentation of the company and its industrial domain, with a particular technical overview;
  • a focus on research and development activities for which a PhD owner could bring a specific value compared to an engineer who doesn’t come from research area;
  • job and career opportunities for a PhD owner;
  • a meeting with some PhDs working in the company;
  • a visit of platforms and laboratories.

Theses list

IRT publications

There are more than 245 articles in journals and conference proceedings, and more than
250 conference communications.
IRT Saint Exupéry


They give the floor to a chief technological or scientific officer in innovative industrial group or to a recognized scientist.
He/she presents a scientific topic or strategy related to IRT’s technological fields.

PhD's days

This event usually takes place in the middle of the year and attracts around 150 attendees, with a significant participation of academic or industrial IRT members.

IRT Saint Exupéry PhD students present their work with various communication ways:

  • technical presentations,
  • posters which are also introduced by a 1 slide/1 min flash presentation,
  • presentations in 180 seconds.

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PhDs' employment placement

After 5 years, 34 PhD students, of the first two cohorts, have now defended their thesis.
Their employment placement is excellent. The average time between their PhD defense and their first job is 1 month. 40% of them have their job contracts signed prior to the thesis defense, and 84% of them by 3 months after the thesis defense.
They have found a variety of openings in the IRT’s ecosystem as well as in companies outside IRT Members.

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