What is the IRT Saint Exupéry looking for?

The mission of the IRT Saint Exupéry’s Purchasing Department is to identify the differentiating know-how of the ecosystem, and to qualify the panel of the most efficient partners in each business:
  • Expertise engineering, subcontracting, testing, software and software packages.
  • Technical equipment and catalogues, tertiary services, general resources, office automation and distribution.
  • Special machines, equipment, test benches, construction. The consultation takes the form either of a public contract with publication for conventional goods and services, or of a direct request to expert professionals for equipment or services specific to the object of the research.
A contract responding to the specificities of each case is systematically put in place with our partners, the minimalist framework remaining that of our general conditions of purchase (links below).

Then, we supervise their proper execution, from the order acknowledgement to receipt and payment, in accordance with the agreed terms.

By performing at our side through value creation and differentiation, you will contribute to making our purchases a real source for innovation.