Materials Platforms

Jean-Marie Des
Head of Materials Platforms

The Materials platform service offer is based on strong technical expertise as well as on the use of disruptive and differentiating equipment. IRT Saint Exupéry is now providing companies access to the following equipment and expertise:

IRT Saint Exupéry

Thermoplastic Composite Platform

On-demand smart materials from laboratory to preindustrial scale

IRT Saint Exupéry


Simulation & testing of impacts on structural materials

IRT Saint Exupéry

Ceramic Matrix Composites Platform

Developing 3D ceramics composites to improve TRL level

IRT Saint Exupéry

Metal Additive Manufacturing Platform

Solutions to the technological locks associated to additive manufacturing process

IRT Saint Exupéry

Innovative Assemblies Platform

From surface preparation to assembly, characterization & modelization

IRT Saint Exupéry

Surface Protection & Functionalization Technologies Platform

Integrated automated installation for multifunctional coating purposes

IRT Saint Exupéry

Surface & Multifunctional Coatings Technologies Platform

Development of new coatings on metallic alloys by the use of an innovative process called Micro-Arcs Oxidation

IRT Saint Exupéry

Printing & Soldering Platform

Study of innovative joining materials for reflow soldering in Surface Mount Technology

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