Ceramic Matrix Composites Platform

This platform is dedicated to the development of 3D ceramics composites to improve TRL level, from slurry elaboration to thermal treatment.


Slurry Elaboration

  • Dispersion mean
  • Deagglomeration mean
  • Control mean
Towpreg/UD tape impregnation

  • Imprenation line for tow, modularity
  • Different process available:
    Wet impregnation process
    Dry impregnation process
Slurry Injection

  • The control cabinet allows automatic or manual control:
    Control of the pressure and flow of the piston
    Control of the progression of the injection
    Recording of cycles
    Control of the injected quantities
  • Movement of the actuator at 2 to 1500 cc/minute
  • Maximum pressure: 20 bar
Siliciuration & thermal treatment

  • Derived technologies of thermical treatments
  • Graphite atmosphere, horizontal zone and cool wall’s useful area of 450x450x450 mm3
  • Max T°C = 1600°C
  • 1.10-5 mbar < P < 100mbar
  • Argon or azote output between 0 and 30 nl/min
  • 50 mm displacement mobile sole with weighing cell
CMC in-service characterization

  • Natural gas flame
  • T°max 1600°C
  • Thermal and mechanical conditions (200kN – 5Hz)
  • Measurement with cameras, pyrometers, thermocouples, etc.


Developing 3D ceramics composites to improve TRL level

  • Slurry Elaboration: dispersion, sedimentation, viscosity of particules in solvant
  • Impregnation: fonctionalization of fibers with particles for high temperature or/and corrosion application
  • Slurry cast: injection of ceramics particles into a matrix
  • Thermal treatment, siliciuration: thermal consolidation for high temperature material
  • CMC in application: Machine for testing technological sample in representative in-service conditions