Innovative Assemblies Platform

The Innovative Assemblies platform is an integrated laboratory for assembly studies. This unique assembly line covers all the range from upstream to downstream operations for the next generation high performance assemblies and adhesive bonding.


Atmospheric plasma equipment for surface preparation

  • 3 axes robot
  • Possibility of surface functionalization with liquid additives by plasma projection
UV & IR laser equipment for surface preparation

  • 3 axes robot
  • UV 355 nm with 2 lens 255 and 510 mm
  • IR 1070 nm with 2 lens 100 and 160 mm
KUKA Robot

  • 6 axes robot and 2 axes table
  • Possibility to plug plasma, laser IR and glue application system
Climatic environment

  • Clean Rooms
  • Heating Chamber
  • Climatic Chamber
Layer manufacturing

  • Possibility to produce composite by laying for development studies
KOCA platform

  • Opto-numerical Microscope Keyence VHX5000
  • Static Mechanical test device MTS criterion C43.504 (50KN)


From surface preparation to assembly, characterization & modelization

  • Integrated assembly and adhesive bonding laboratory from upstream to downstram operations
  • Expertise
    Determine technologies influent parameters and associated metamodels
    Enhance robutness from design to in usage
    Optimizing and stramlining processes