Metal Additive Manufacturing Platform

This IRT Saint Exupéry platform has been built to study and respond to the technological locks associated to additive manufacturing process. The platform is able to sustain strong research activities covering the overall end-to-end process, from building strategy to manufacturing, to characterize final parts.


EBM Technology: ARCAM Q20+ Machine

  • Max Electron Beam translation up to 8000m.s-1
  • Build size: diam.350mm- height 380mm
  • Max beam power: 3000W
  • Cathode type: LaB6
  • Beam diameter down to 140μm
  • Build atmosphere: 4×10-3 mbar (Helium partial pressure)
  • Powder heating before fusion: 900°C
  • In-situ process monitoring: LayerQam® high resolution (100μm) camera, enabling to detect defects like porosity, during manufacturing
  • X-ray detection system for automatic beam calibration and system diagnosing and monitoring
  • Total access to process parameters
LMD Technology: BEAM Modulo 400 

  • 2 deposition nozzles
  • Laser power > 2kW on 1 nozzle, variable on all the power range
  • Continuous 5-axis motion controller
  • Repeatability of the linear controllers: < 0.02mm – Angular < 0.01°
  • Building construction [X,Y,Z]: 600mm x 400mm x 400mm
  • Oxygen and humidity content: < 40 ppm.
  • In situ process control camera
  • Customization of all the basic parameters (laser power, powder flow and displacement speed)
In-house LBM machine prototype OLLOPA

  • Controlled powder layering with bi-system recoater
  • Linear stage speed 2 m/s
  • Laser 1070 nm 700W: welding head or Scanner head with sensor module
  • Inert or vacuum chamber
  • 100mmx100mmx40mm build platform
  • Heating Building plate
  • Pressure oxygen analysis
  • IR Camera
  • LBM KPP In-situ monitoring / In-situ analysis/In situ Control
Heat treatment devices 

  • Thermal post-treatment oven for Al alloys
  • Thermal post-treatment furnace for Ni & Ti alloys
  • Ageing furnaces for Al & Ti alloys with inerting system
  • Hot Isostatic Press
Characterization & Analysis

  • Metallography laboratory.
  • Inverted microscope ZEISS AxioObserver 7
  • Stereomicroscope ZEISS STEMI 508 DOC.
  • Confocal Microscope LSM800 MAT.
  • SEM JEOL JSM-6010Plus LA.
  • Microdurometer ZWICK XBL14-0783-ZHμA
  • Tensile & fatigue test devices (+/-100kN) – T°>1,000°C.


  • Direct use by industrials (with or without IRT supporting expertise to allow an optimized use)
  • Production of parts / prototypes proof of concept (+ material characterization and analysis if requested)
  • Definition of new thermomechanical routes
  • Thermal post-treatment developed for to have material with « microstructure-on-demand » tailored for specific macroscopic material properties (such as mechanical strength, …)
  • Metallurgy studies