Printing & Soldering Platform

This IRT platform is dedicated to the study of innovative joining materials for reflow soldering in Surface Mount Technology. It can also be used as part of a new board design or solder paste development.


Solder paste stencil printer 

  • LPKF Protoprint S precision manual printer for fine pitch (as small as 0.3 mm) SMT boards
  • Allows printing of double-sided boards
  • Compatible with various stencil frames
  • Printing area up to 300×300 mm
Reflow vapor phase machine

  • IBL MINILAB machine for development, miniseries and prototype production
  • Fully automated and controlled solder cycle
  • Galden® heat transfer fluid for vapor phase soldering : various available boiling points from 150°C to 260°C
  • Peak temperature is set by the fluid boiling point (no overheating)
  • Homogeneous heating of components
  • High solder quality due to oxygen-free atmosphere
  • Board size up to 300x270x80 mm
Characterization & Analysis

  • Metallography and microstructural analysis
  • Inverted microscope ZEISS AxioObserver 7
  • Scanning Electron Microscope JEOL 6010 PLUS


  • Production of small series
  • Validation of new products (solder paste, board, design…)
  • Improvement of any step of the soldering process (paste printing, soldering, microstructure control, thermal aging)
  • Performing proofs of concept
  • Special developments
  • Training in SMT soldering