STIMPACT – Simulation & Testing of Impacts Platform

This equipment is dedicated to impact testing and allows to address most impact load cases in aeronautics and transportation. High strain rate response of structural materials can be studied and new technological solutions can be tested and selected.


GAS launcher GL60

  • Barrel: 60 mm diameter, 6m length
  • Shooting pressure: 2 to 250 bar
  • Projectile speed: 50 to 800 m/s
  • Projectile mass: 500 g maximum
  • Covered threats: Engine debris, partial fan blade
GAS launcher GL120

  • Barrel: 120 mm diameter, 7 m in length
  • Shooting pressure: 2 to 35 bar
  • Projectile speed: 70 to 300 m/s
  • Projectile mass: 3 kg maximum
  • Covered threats: Bird strike, Tire debris, Hails control
GAS launcher GL40

  • Barrel: 40 mm diameter, 7 m in length
  • Shooting pressure: 2 to 10 bar
  • Projectile speed: 50 to 350 m/sProjectile mass: 100 g maximum
  • Covered threats: Stones, small debris, steel balls or cylinders


This impact test platform is a tool suited for research and development activities on new structural material technologies up to representative scales and for most of impact load cases faced by transportation means:

Accelerating technological innovation

  • Availability and reactivity of the platform
  • Testing from small scale coupons to representative technological sample
  • Setup of high speed measurement device
  • Correlation between experiments and numerical simulations

Increasing scientific knowledge

  • Understanding physical phenomena of shock energy absorption
  • Highlighting performance driving material and design parameters
  • Development of original modelling approaches