Thermoplastic Composites Platform

This IRT Saint Exupéry platform is devoted to elaborate build-to-spec thermoplastic composites coupled with characterization and analysis devices. It enables IRT a full understanding and mastering of key process parameters for on-demand high performance thermoplastic matrix composite manufacturing.



  • Co-rotative twin screws
  • Heating temperature until 450°C
  • Mass Flow rate: from 0,5 to 10 kg/h
  • Volumetric feeders for powders and pellets
  • Air cooling stand conveyor (1m length)
  • 3 feeding positions along the barrel
Fiber sizing & tow impregnation pilot

  • Laboratory pilot to size or impregnate technical fibers
  • Line speed up to 10m/min
  • Yarn tension control
  • Modular units for impregnation and sizing
  • Impregnation capability from 1 to 3 spools (sized or unsized)
  • Drying and melting oven
  • Parallel winding spool technology
Thermoplastic impregnation line

  • Pre-industrial pilot for production of UD or fabric carbon thermoplastic prepreg with on demand architecture
  • Modular conception pilot adapted to R&T development
  • Line speed up to 10 m/min
  • Prepreg width up to 300mm (12 inches)
  • Different technologies of impregnation : slurry, dry powder, etc.
Automated thermoplastic composite induction welding

  • Susceptorless dynamic continuous direct induction welding process
  • Welding head powered by a 12kW CEIA induction generator
    Trajectory repeatability of ±0.05mm
    Embedded welding head mass up to 35kg
    Welding of boards with dimensions 80 cmx80 cm


From feasibility studies to proof of concept for industrial end-users

  • Interdisciplinary skills to support industrial needs
  • Innovative environment adapted to develop disruptive applications and manufacturing processes
  • On demand build to spec. thermoplastic  pre-impregnated materials
  • On demand build to spec. Multifunctional thermoplastic pre-impregnated materials
  • Optimize interactive cycle for thermoplastic pre-impregnated material development
  • New assembly processes