More Electrical Aircraft Platforms

Nicolas Chadourne
Head of More Electrical Aircraft Platforms

More Electrical Aircraft Domain’s Platforms enable different physical phenomena and technological bricks to be studied. All these equipment can be available for industrial or academic needs with the support of More Electrical Aircraft Platform’s team and Domain’s experts.

IRT Saint Exupéry

Electrical Arc Characterization Platform

Study of the damage caused by arcs generated under very wide, tailormade conditions

IRT Saint Exupéry

Partial Discharge Characterization Platform

Characterization the partial discharge phenomenon under various conditions of pressure, temperature and voltage waveform

IRT Saint Exupéry

Electrical Aging Characterization Platform

Studying the aging of electrical components & evaluate the aging under various conditions

IRT Saint Exupéry

Power Electronic Platform

Development of innovative technologies for power converters

IRT Saint Exupéry

Electromechanical Drive EMC Platform

The EMC Lab allows the characterization of conducted emission of electromechanical drives

IRT Saint Exupéry

Soft Magnetic Materials Characterization Platform

The Characterization Lab plots the hysteresis cycles and evaluates losses of magnetic materials used in electrical machines.

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