Electrical Ageing Characterization Platform

The test platform allows to study the electrical components ageing and to evaluate the ageing under Partial Discharge, Electrical Arc, and Space charge conditions. This platform is under development.


  • Sinusoidal voltage source, 10kV – 10kHz, 6 channels in parallel, 1A by channel, Independent breaking systems
  • 6 amplifiers APS 2500 (2.5kVA)
  • Square voltage source, 4kV – 100kHz , 5 channels in parallel, 5 bridges in H on 10 levels of 400V each, 0,3A by channel, Independent breaking systems
  • High Speed thermal Chamber, -90°C/250°C , ↑18°C/mn, ↓12°C/mn, volume 770l
  • Simple thermal chamber (x3), 400°C , ↑↓3°C/mn, volume 1000l


  • Study of the partial discharge, space charge, inception voltage of components in order to evaluate their reliability in multi-environmental conditions
  • Equipment test under electrical stress conditions from the point of view of electrical and environmental constraints