Electromechanical Drive EMC Platform

This IRT Saint Exupéry platform is devoted to the characterization of conducted emission of electromechanical drives, with the required standard 10kW and 50kW, and to the characterization of single component of a drive such as a converter, a cable, or a filter.


Faraday Cage

  • Total surface: 9m2 (3.15m x 3.15m), upgrade to
  • 30 m² in progress.
  • 2x100A EMI input filters, 3x25A outputs
  • 2x 100A V-Network (LISN) :
  • Rohde & Schwarz ESH3-Z6
  • Two test tables 3x1x0.9m, 2x1x0.9m with ground planes, ground strip connections
  • Compatible with DO160 requirements
10 kw Electromechanical Drive

  • SiC based converter (540 VDC, 15kVA, 20 kV/μs)
  • 10kW, 10000rpm permanent-magnet synchronous motor (aeronautic application)
  • Drive control with an OPAL real time target, with several modulation techniques available
  • Adaptable wiring length, shielded / non-shielded, standard or tailored-made cables

50 kw Electromechanical Drive

  • SiC based converter (540 VDC, 70 kVA)
  • 12000 rpm permanent magnet synchronous motor (automotive application)
  • Powered by the same DC bus with the 10 kW drive to investigate potential stability issues
Measurement Instrument

  • MI test receiver Rodhe & Schwartz ESR3
    > Measurements from 10Hz to 3 Ghz
    > Conventional stepped frequency or
    FFT- based analysis
    > Current probe Rodhe & Schwartz EZ17 :
    High-sensitivity AC / DC current measurements
    up to 200A, 200MHz
  • Impedance analyser Keysight E4990a
    > Measurements up to 120MHz
    >42941A dedicated impedance probe
  • Oscilloscope Rodhe & Schwartz RTO2014
    > 1GHz bandwidth
    > Passive single-ended / active differential voltage probes
    > Passive current Probes Pearson 8585C: Measurements up to 500A @ 200MHz


  • Conducted emission tests, compatible with DO-160 requirements, with 540Vdc network
  • EMC simulation of complete electromechanical drive
  • EMC expertise, and support