Partial Discharge Characterization Platform

The test platform allows characterizing the partial discharge phenomenon under various conditions of pressure, temperature and voltage waveform. Full characterization includes measurements of discharges inception and extinction voltages, discharges current characteristics and energy.


Wide-Bandgap Power Inverter

  • Build with silicone Carbide power modules
  • DC bus voltage up to 1000V / ±500V to Gnd
    Internally-designed filter for adjustable rising / falling times – up to 10kV/μs

Altitude test chamber

  • Internal diameter = 348mm, height = 353mm
  • Built for tests on a shaker up to 5.5g rms
  • Electrical feethrough for measurement and power/ high voltage lines

Voltage amplifier

  • Up to ±10 kV DC or AC peak, ±40 mA DC or AC rms
  • Bandwidth (-3dB) ≥ 23kHz
  • Arbitrary waveform generator for custom test waveforms

  • Sensor support with dedicated wavelet treatment program for Partial Discharge detection


  • Study of the partial discharge inception voltage of components in order to evaluate their reliability in multi-environmental conditions
  • Equipment test under nominal operating conditions from the point of view of electrical and environmental constraints.